About Murdoch Mediations

Our Fees

ITEM FEES (all exclusive of GST)
1. Deposit
  • Set a date
  • Producing invite letter to other party
  • Other relevant communications, up to 10 emails for both parties inclusive (should additional communications be required, a charge of $38.50 per email will apply)
  • Intake and information gathering sessions with each party.
From $500 + GST (per party, offset from final invoice)
2. Mediation

  • Andrew Crooke
  • FDR requiring a section 60I Certificate
Property AND/OR Parenting – full day (9am to 4pm)*

  • $3,500 + GST
  • $2,500 + GST
*half day mediation available on request, excluding FDR
3. Additional charges

By agreement with the Mediator(s), any further fees shall be paid in accordance with invoice for the Mediation. The Parties will share equally and will be jointly and severally liable to the Mediator(s) for the Mediator(s)'s fees for the balance of the Mediation. In the absence of an express agreement.

From $150 + GST (each party, per hour of the extended time)

  • Location - Brisbane and Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, Dalby, Warwick
  • Travel outside of South East Queensland

  • Nil
  • At cost, plus $275 + GST administrative fees
Room Hire At Cost
(to be organised by parties – we recommend Queensland Law Society or Inns of Court)
Section 60I Certificate

When required
$500 + GST (inclusive in total cost)
Non Refundable Deposit

In the event that the mediation is cancelled within 7 days of the allocated time and date to conduct the mediation, the mediation fee paid will be retained by the mediator and each party shall be liable for 50% of any room hire charges incurred unless it was agreed that one of the parties would provide payment for the full amount charged.
$500 + GST (per party)

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