About Murdoch Mediations

About Murdoch Mediations

Murdoch Mediations recognise that every family is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer when it comes to what is best for your family. We pride ourselves on our ability to assist people to work together to create their own solutions, specifically tailored to their circumstances.

In the current environment we are able to offer mediations via telephone, video-conferencing any other technical platforms, should people not feel comfortable attending in person.

The mediation process empowers people to own their destiny through discussion and negotiation. In short, it keeps the outcome within the control of those involved, as opposed to an external body such as a Court imposing an outcome on people. As experienced lawyers, we have seen all too often the emotional, financial, and relationship strains that the Court process involves. Mediation affords people the ability to resolve any outstanding concerns, without subjecting them and their families, to the toll Court proceedings may take.

The desire for people to control their own lives and the outcome of any decisions they need to make (whilst avoiding the inherent damage and danger of Court proceedings), is at the heart of the ongoing, and rising, popularity and use of mediation services such as Murdoch Mediations.

The well-respected Andrew Crooke is the face of Murdoch Mediations. Andrew is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist as well as a trained and qualified mediator. Murdoch Mediations does engage consultants who are qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, providing the ability to issue section 60I Certificates as required.

The ability to accept and acknowledge that people will often have different views and opinions on certain issues is fundamental to the mediation process. That insight, when coupled with a focus on a resolution and a way forward, is the key to a successful mediation, and that desire to help people is what drives our passionate team.

Murdoch Mediations aims to provide future-focused mediation, guided and controlled by the participants, toward a resolution which is both time and cost-effective, whilst also avoiding the adversarial process and environment of litigation.

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