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Murdoch Mediations

Our team of Accredited Mediators bring with them
many years of family law experience.



All our mediators are Accredited Specialists, so whilst we can’t provide advice we can potentially identify issues which people should be seeking advice on.


All our mediators are also experienced litigators so they understand the risks of not coming to an agreement.

Andrew Crooke 25 years experience

$ 3500 + GST

Full day 9am - 4pm
  • Nationally Accredited Mediator
  • Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist – Family Law

The Murdoch Mediations Difference

Our mediators are Accredited Specialists and offer a hands-on and considered approach,
based on years of experience in the family law arena.

Why Choose Murdoch Mediations?

Hands-On Approach

We have a hands-on and considered approach based on years of experience in the family law arena. This strategy ensures as many barriers are avoided or removed as possible, allowing the parties every opportunity to resolve their matter.


Mediation is defined broadly and encompasses a variety of approaches to alternative dispute resolution.  Subject to the needs of parties/referrers there is scope for a purely facilitative process all the way up to a process whereby we can offer our views on the basis of our individual experience as Accredited Specialists.


All our mediators are also experienced litigators and understand the risks when people don’t come to an agreement.

Accredited Specialists

All our mediators are family law Accredited Specialists, so whilst we can’t provide advice we can potentially identify issues which people should be seeking advice on.

Tailored Services

Subject to the needs of the parties, our process can be facilitated over a day or in shorter sessions, allowing for adequate information gathering or for the parties to have a chance to review and consider all potential options to resolve their dispute.

Personalised Service

Our process can be tailored to meet the needs of parties both at the early stages of separation (i.e. for the purposes of establishing a holding pattern), or for the purposes of finalising property, child support and/or children’s matters.


Murdoch Mediations now offers exclusive Co-Mediation services with Andrew Crooke and Anne Purcell. One of the difficulties faced by families going through mediation is having to arrange and pay for separate appointments for property and children’s matters. By offering our Co-Mediation services not only are we reducing the time and money invested into this process, but read more also reducing the amount of stress on you and your family. This is a cost-capped service that includes an intake/pre-mediation session for each party ahead of the mediation, and the issuing of a Section 60I Certificate if necessary. Mediations can be lawyer-assisted or parties can attend unaccompanied or with a support person if preferred. Mediations can be held in Brisbane or Toowoomba, or Andrew and Anne can come to you at your request. For more information, contact us today.

Why You Should Mediate

When it comes to resolving family law disputes through litigation, typically it's the case that even the most simple disputes can worsen, delaying outcomes and of course, substantially increasing legal costs and stress.

You should mediate because…

  • If successful mediation, can be more cost-effective than Court proceedings;

  • Parties are the authors of their own destiny – process and outcomes owned by them;

  • Less damaging on a relationship, which is particularly important if people have to continue to co-parent;

  • At mediation, you can look at options personal to your individual family’s needs and tailor the outcome more so than a Court could or would;

  • Less time-consuming than the Court process and avoids stresses of ongoing litigation;

  • Less adversarial than the Court process;

  • FDR is compulsory before commencing proceedings and represents a positive opportunity for parents to save time and money – if you have to do it, why not give it a good crack.  Similarly, most parties will get Court ordered to participate in mediation, why not save the expense of filing and preparing material.

  • A largely informal process so that parties are dealing with the substance of their matter rather than ensuring the right form is completed;

  • A confidential forum to freely and openly discuss matters (Although FDR practitioners may disclosure in certain circumstances – ie – the risk of harm to children);

  • Easy to organise;

  • Tax savings and re-structuring opportunities not otherwise available in the adversarial system;

  • Early awareness of claim against you;

  • No need for legal representation if preferred or unable to afford;

  • Opportunity to voice issues affecting the relationship (co-parenting);

  • Less daunting than going to Court in front of a judge;

  • Also, plays on guilt – good parents will respond to the toll that a high conflict situation has on their children.

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